Indonesian Hearthrob, Afgan and Legendary Band, Ungu Set To Perform In Malaysia This October

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8. You’ve mentioned before that Malaysia is like your second home. How are Malaysian fans different from Indonesia?

A: When talking about the concert crowd in Malaysia they’re much more expressive and energetic as compared to the crowd in Jakarta which tends to be a bit more mellow and chill. So it’s always fun to perform here.


9.Where do you wish to perform next?

A: Royal Albert Hall, that’s my dream. It’s a legendary music hall where all the legends performed.


10. For Afgan, you’re very active on your social media platforms. How important is it for you to use these channels to connect with your fans?

A: It’s really important right now especially since everyone is on it. It’s a good way to keep my fans updated and to share everything that’s going on behind the scenes. Recently I had this unfortunate incident on stage at a music festival, I took it to my Instagram to voice my concerns and of course, it went viral. But thankfully I had a very supportive fan base who backed me up during the period.

Semalem ngalamin pengalaman manggung yang gak mengenakan, pertama kali ngalamin kaya gini. Jadi dari awal memang acaranya ngaret banget, gw seharusnya perform jam 8 malam. Tapi gw baru naik panggung sekitar jam 10 malam. Padahal gw sudah stand by satu jam lebih awal untuk antisipasi. Dan karena ada international artist yang harus main di waktu yang sama, gw malah dibilang gak usah main sama panitia, cuman karena gw lihat banyak sekali penonton yang sudah nunggu di depan panggung, bahkan ada yang sudah dateng jauh2 dari luar Jogja, akhirnya gw dan management fight untuk naik. Walaupun sound awalnya gak dinyalain oleh mereka, gw tetep nyanyi, at least fans gak sia-sia udah nunggu. Eh di lagu ke 4, lampu panggung semua di matiin, alias gw diusir. Akhirnya semua penonton nyalain flashlight dr handphone masing2, tanda mereka tetep ingin gw nyanyi. Moment ini yang buat gw dan anak2 band terharu, mengobati kekecewaan kita semua. Terimakasih buat semua yang hadir semalam, gak tau lagi deh kalo gak ada support kalian. It means the world to us! Sayang sekali padahal acaranya bisa digarap dengan bagus, semoga bisa jadi pelajaran buat penyelenggara Prambanan Jazz. Dan semoga kedepannya local artist bisa dapat apresiasi yang sama dengan International artist. Cause we’re all just trying to give our best on stage.. ? @nareend

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11. The social media is something rare for you starting out, now that it’s more out there, do you feel the need to hop on it as well?

M: Actually it’s a really good communication tool to keep in touch with our fans. Before this, we had to meet them in person, organise a meet and greet session but through the power of social media, it brings us even closer to them.


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12. What’s one moment where technology took you guys by surprise?

A: I think Shazam. I don’t know how they do it but it’s genius!

M: IRec. It’s an app where you can record your songs and it gives you a close to studio quality result.


13. What’s the secret to 20 years of Ungu’s success?

E: For over 20 years, we’ve never fought or if we did it was about the song arrangements never about anything personal. The thing to keep in mind is to mind your own business.


14. What kind of mark do you want to leave behind in the music industry and for the people?

M: We write good songs that people like. That’s the justification of being a musician, song writer and performer.


15. Would you say your music has evolved over the years?

M: Of course, we can’t be playing in the same format for 20 years. Our fans also give input and feedback like ‘why don’t you try this? Or that?’ and we hear them out. So if you look at our catalogue our music has varied – we have dangdut, metal, traditional music which we try to incorporate into Ungu’s music. Some were successful, some didn’t make it but at least we tried.


Ticket prices start at RM130 (Bronze), RM150 (Silver), RM200 (Gold), RM200 (Rock Zone), RM250 (VIP) and RM350 (Platinum) at

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