Indonesian Hearthrob, Afgan and Legendary Band, Ungu Set To Perform In Malaysia This October

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From left: Enda (Ungu), Afgan and Makki (Ungu) | Image: Popcorn Studio Malaysia

Indonesian singer and heartthrob, Afgan join forces with legendary Indonesian rock/ballad band, UNGU, to bring you the ultimate concert experience at their ‘Konsert Terunggul’. Happening on October 6th, Friday at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam, fans can expect a lot of heart tugging and nostalgic high school jams as the two performing acts will bring their A-game in performing their hit tunes from classics to new ones – Afgan’s, Terima Kasih Cinta, Padamu Ku Bersujud, Jodoh Pasti Bertemu or Ungu’s Tercipta Untukku, Demi Waktu, Kekasih Gelapku to name a few.

Thanks to Popcorn Studio, we got a chance to meet Afgan and Ungu’s very own Bassist, Makki and Guitarist, Enda to talk about the upcoming concert, their latest music and the importance of social media.


1. What’s the set list like for ‘Konsert Terunggul’?

Afgan (A): I’m currently in the works to make some adjustment with a brand new set list which will differ from the ones I did in Indonesia or Singapore. Cos what’s popular here may not be popular there. For me, I’m set to play about 10 or 11 songs but we’ll see cos I have new and more materials to choose from since four years ago.


2. What can the fans expect from you since the last time you performed together was four years ago?

Makki (M):  We don’t do a lot of shows anymore so you can expect us to bring fresh new energy to the stage. We’ve planned a lot of things for this and it would be a surprise.

Enda (E): We want to mess up Afgan’s songs so he’d be confused *he jokes

A: I’m up for the challenge!


3. What was your first impression of each other?

M: When I first saw Afgan I thought this guy has a really nice voice, very handsome, and he basically has all the criteria to be a star. 

A: I think their humble personalities got me, that’s how they’ve managed to be able to do 20 years of music and hopefully more. I used to always see them or bump into them backstage during shows, we talked, they were really nice and the rest is history. Also now that we’re under the same label, we always see each.


5. For Ungu, this is your 20th anniversary. Can we expect some new songs to be played during the concert?

M: Our last single, Setengah Gila, was released last April, and we haven’t promoted it here. So maybe we’ll put that in the show and we’ve also got new songs that we haven’t recorded yet, maybe we’ll tease it during the show.


6. This concert will bring two different fans together – one from Afgan’s and the other from Ungu’s. For Ungu, how do you plan to appeal to the younger generation who listens to Afgan?

M: Well I’m starting a diet *laughs. But in all seriousness, we hope to perform the best we can, maybe rearrange some songs and we have planned a couple of things for the concert cos this will be our only concert for us this year.


7.  Talking about new single, Afgan, was there any particular reason you chose Sona One for the collaboration of your new song?

A: I’m a big fan of him I really like his music. I’m also very into the Hip Hop scene in Malaysia it’s huge and very urban. I like Sona’s music and I thought why not have him collaborate with me. So we wrote two songs together and one of them is called ‘X’ and I’ll be releasing it soon with a music video. 


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