Dive Into The Life Of Malaysia’s Most Celebrated Fashion Designer, Rizalman Ibrahim

Buckle up cos this is going to be an all-access, no holds barred reality series you wouldn’t want to miss!

With five companies under his belt, from fashion designing to interior decorating and wedding planning, it’s amazing how this 46 year old has life and work all balanced out… or does he?

That’s what Rizalman would like his fans to find out through his new show. A Life Inspired original production, the eight-episode series will highlight the daily life of Rizalman as a designer, interior decorator, celebrated fashion guru, wedding and event planner, entrepreneur and devoted father of two sons.

Filled with jet-setting adventures to Paris, Guangzhoum and Singapore along with special appearances by local celebrities like Neelofa, former beauty queen Deborah Henry and singer Dayang Nurfaizah, the show is bound to be a fan favourite because to be honest, how many of us have actually wondered what it’s like to be a Fashion Designer? *raises hand*

I had the opportunity of watching the first episode during the launch and I must admit that it was everything I had expected it to be and more. So be prepared to laugh and be amazed because Rizalman is giving fans a glimpse into his world and you just know you want in.

Flip through our gallery below for a sneak peek at what you can expect from the show:

The celebration of Rizalman’s 25 Jubelee Collection with Dayang Nurfaizah

Rizalman’s anticipated 25th Jubilee Collection

Rizalman and son Ali

Rizalman at Harpes Bazaar fashion Event

Fans will get a behind the scenes look of what happens at work for the designer on a normal day

Rizalman in China


So if you’re a fan of shows like The Rachel Zoe Project, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane and Project Runway, then you’re not gonna want to miss the premier of Rizalman this 30th of May at 10 pm on Life Inspired, Astro Ch.728.