FEMALE Talks To: Singaporean Influencer, Mong Chin, On Her Small Screen Debut

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F: This series is also about promoting women empowerment. What do you have to say about that to all your female fans?

M: “Definitely that we can do anything we set our mind to. I did the Spartan race alongside really big and buff guys. I’m so much more smaller than they are but at the end of the day, we completed the same thing. It’s all in the mind and I believe that as long as you set your heart towards completing something, you’ll do it.”

Mong Chin takes on the Spartan Sprint as part of the Spartan Race Cebu 2018.

F: You travel a lot. What is your trick to taking a good picture, especially when you travel alone?

M: “It depends. I personally use the Canon EOS M50 for my own pictures and videos. What I love about it is that it has a flip-out screen, so most of the time, I just put the camera on a stack of things and set it on self-timer. I can easily see myself on the screen so that makes taking pictures when I’m alone much easier. But other than that, I’d usually have someone with me (be it a friend or my fiance) to help.”

F: Do you think there’ll be a second season to this series? If yes, where would you like to go?

M: “I hope this current one will be well-loved and if that happens, I wouldn’t say no to a second season. I’d like to go to somewhere different, maybe Europe.”

Want to see what goes on in the life of an influencer? To catch Mong Chin in action and learn more about the unique and vibrant Southeast Asian cultures, tune in to ‘WHO RUNS THE WORLD WITH MONG CHIN’ on 23 July, Mondays, 9.30pm on LIFETIME Asia (Astro Ch 709).
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