FEMALE Talks To: Singaporean Influencer, Mong Chin, On Her Small Screen Debut

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F: How different was this production compared to filming for your own video content?

M: “Thankfully I was still able to be myself because this show was really all about my experience. Nothing was scripted, everything was in the moment. The only difference was how big of a scale it was. Usually when I do my own YouTube videos, it would be just me and my camera or maybe with my assistant. For this, the crew was much bigger and they’re the ones I miss the most because everyone was just working together to make the show a success.”

F: What makes ‘WHO RUNS THE WORLD’ different than other productions?

M: “For one, it’s not a TV show where everything is so private and confidential before it premieres. This one is really raw and casual in a sense that even though it was a TV show, I get to feature the crew in shots – like a behind-the-scenes of how the production came to be because I was filming for my vlog at the same time. There are so many places where you can catch bits and pieces of the show. One of it is on my Instagram, my vlogs will also go up on my YouTube channel and some other fun videos on LIFETIME’s Facebook page.”

F: The series will show your journey throughout Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. What was your favourite memory from your stop in Malaysia?

M: “Driving the Lamborghini. I wasn’t even supposed to drive it for long, just from The Intermark KL to my next filming location nearby, but thanks to the KL traffic, I was stuck in the car for half an hour. I really enjoyed it but I was also very stressed.”

F: How did you take care of your skin given all the running you had to do?

M: “Definitely remembering to use sunblock. It is very important to apply it before every run. Also, aerosol sunscreens are the holy grail for me. I got really sweaty, so spray-on sunblocks really suited the conditions I was in more compared to lotion-based ones.”

F: What was the best fitness advice given to you during this journey?

M: “I learnt about this thing called carbo-loading where they advised me to eat carbs the night before a race. I had to wake up at 2am for the Standard Chartered KL race and generally, participants shouldn’t consume heavy meals before running, so I ended up eating a lot of spaghetti and rice for dinner the previous night. This would allow energy to be stored and prepare you for the marathon. So definitely for me, I learnt how important it was to know your body and pace your meals.”

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