FEMALE Talks To: Singaporean Influencer, Mong Chin, On Her Small Screen Debut

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Mong Chin (aka @Mongabong) is set to star in LIFETIME Asia’s brand new six-part, digital-first original production – ‘WHO RUNS THE WORLD WITH MONG CHIN’. Her goal? To complete six runs in six Southeast Asian countries over the course eight weeks whilst exploring unique off-the-beaten-track locations in each city!

If you thought running one marathon was hard, imagine how you’d feel if you had to complete six different ones. That was the challenge Mong Chin, Singapore’s top beauty, lifestyle and fashion influencer, had to endure for her new digital-first original series in partnership with LIFETIME Asia and Canon.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to the 25 year-old blogger when she was down in KL to promote the show, and let’s just say, if you’ve been following Mong on social media and love her personality, this is one series you shouldn’t miss out on!

FEMALE: You had to complete six runs! That’s absolutely crazy (not to mention tough)! What got you through it? 

Mong Chin: “To be honest, I knew I was going to be on TV, so that really helped me. I knew I had to push myself because thousands of people are going to be watching me. As someone who has never tried all these things before, I wanted to show my fans that they too can do it.”

F: Hold on. Are you saying you’ve never ran a marathon before?

M: “Nope. This was my first. In fact, the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur marathon was my first ever run. I’ve never signed up for anything like this.”

Mong Chin takes part in the annual Singha Songkran Chiang Mai Run – a race to celebrate the Thai New Year.

F: Given that you’ve never ran a marathon before, did you immediately go into training-mode to prepare after getting confirmation that you’d be doing the series?

M: “We started filming quite soon after I got the news, so I only managed to practice a few rounds. That said, I didn’t join a competitive timing race, so it was a huge load off my shoulder knowing I just needed to complete it and not have to come in first.”

F:  What was it like running for the first time?

M: “In the past, I would always look at those who’d participate and wonder why they would pay to join something like this. But after doing it myself, I can now see why. The satisfaction you get is so different compared to just working out. You have a goal and it pushes you to work out even more.”

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