FEMALE Talks To: Andy & James Of Honne On Their Latest ‘Love Me / Love Me Not’ Album (Exclusive!)

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We’ve caught the love bug and thanks to the British lads of Honne, we can’t get over how dreamy their show was last weekend!

Andy Clutterbuck (right) and James Hatcher (left)

Longtime friends, Andrew (Andy) Clutterbuck and James Hatcher formed Honne back in 2014 after a spontaneous discussion back in University about wanting to create music together as a duo. Their multiple Japanese inspirations is evident, from their EP to album covers, but most notably in how their name was formed.

The duo knew they wanted to find a Japanese connection in the early stages of co-writing between London and Tokyo at the time. As they continued to research and felt what word would suit them the most, they finally settled with a mutual agreement that “Honne” (Japanese for “true feelings”) is what makes them, truly themselves!

If you’re familiar with their latest album Love Me / Love Me Not, you’ll know that their music is perfect for moments like falling in love on gloomy nights (I know I’m not alone in this situation). With this second album, Honne are now headed on a more personal and upbeat route with hits like ‘Day 1’ and ‘Location Unknown’, marking this the perfect anthem to experience love and the realness of its downfalls. While Honne describe their previous album as a crossover of a night-time mood and the lo-fi, Love Me / Love Me Not is more focused on more beats, having more collaborative artists and drum productions compared to the last. 

Moving forward – the talented duo performed an unforgettable show last weekend at KL Live and if you enjoyed singing along to every word and admired their expressions to the crowd singing back to them – pat yourself on the back. As I was given an opportunity of a lifetime to dish out more details regarding their album and whether they’re interested to sing another song in Japanese again – you should definitely keep on reading. 

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