Green Arrow’s Stephen Amell Proves He’s A Superhero In Real Life Too

Green Arrow giving us hope is just what we needed to get ourselves through the week.

If you’re a fan of Gal Gadot or Wonder Woman, then I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen videos of the actress cheering up a young fan dressed as the character she plays on screen. I’ve personally watched it more than 10 times and it still warms my heart with every replay.

However, that’s not the only sweet moment that happened at last week’s Comic Con. During the panel for TV show Arrow, one little girl named Sara (who adorably cosplayed as a mini Green Arrow) went up to the Q&A mic and asked Stephen Amell, who plays Green Arrow, whether he’d be continuing campaigns against cancer this year.

For all of you who don’t know, back in 2014, Stephen started partnering with the F*CK CANCER Association in North America and he has since been designing T-shirts for the organisation to sell and raise funds.

FC w Mom.

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It was obvious that Sarah, who happens to be a cancer fighter, just wanted to ask her hero a simple question since his philanthropy actions meant a lot to her. But boy was she (and everyone else in the room) not expect what would happen next.

To everyone’s surprise, Stephen got up from his seat on stage and went down to give the fan a necklace that he had been wearing. He told her that he wanted her to return it to him at next years Comic Con and in that moment the room went wild with applause.

While we don’t think he’ll take it back from her next year, it was definitely a smart and thoughtful move on his end to encourage the young girl to keep fighting her battle with cancer.

Shortly after,  Youtube user Keeleon Ohms, who introduced himself as Sarah’s stepdad, explained in a comment that “Sarah has a tumor on her optic nerve which makes her blind in one eye. She went through one round of chemotherapy, and although it didn’t make the tumor go away it didn’t grow during that time. So as long as we monitor it, and it doesn’t get bigger, it isn’t a “threat” anymore. And unfortunately the only way to remove it is to remove her eye, so we’re kind of just hoping it never starts growing again. But other then that she is healthy and happy, and we look forward to returning Mr. Amell’s necklace next year!”

Now it’s acts of kindness like this that proves superheroes aren’t just people we see on screen. Thank you Stephen, we really apreciate what you’ve done for young Sarah!