Uber Will Be Delivering Kittens to Your Doorstep!

You’ve got to be kitten us!


Photo: Uber

Announcement to all cat lovers, leave your cars at home and go request an Uber tomorrow on 14th September only because our favourite car service is partnering with PAWS Malaysia and Petfinder.my to provide an on-demand kittens between 11am – 4pm in Kuala Lumpur!

What’s the special occasion for? Uber is celebrating their launch at Kuching, Sarawak – their 6th city in Malaysia to offer their service! And what’s a better to celebrate the cat city with kittens, right?

All you have to do is:

  1. Open your Uber app between 11am and 4pm.
  2. Request the “KUCING” option in your app.
  3. If kittens are available, you and your friends will get to enjoy 15 minutes of kitten cuteness!

For just RM30, you are allowed to snuggle the cute kitties for 15 minutes brought to your door step or office! Demands will be expected to be high tomorrow as we all know us Malaysians love kittens so please be patient, and availability is limited!

All proceeds raised will go to PAWS Malaysia to support their work in rescuing and protecting animals. If you’re smitten by the kitties or planning to adopt, you can talk to the local PAWS representative assisting with your kitten delivery about adopting.

Sign up with the code ‘UBERKUCING’ on the day to get a free ride up to RM30 or kitten cuddle session! You can know more information at Uber Malaysia’s official website.

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