Can female’s Editor Survive Working in Inside Scoop’s Kitchen?

Working in an ice cream shop isn’t all about sprinkles and chocolate sauce, as female’s Editor, Terry Saw, found out!

One of the sweet treats we have for you in conjunction with our BIG 40th birthday celebration is a special collaboration with Inside Scoop, and yes, that means ICE CREAM! Cue the sprinkles, ladies. With our female DNA and their magical ice cream conjuring powers, we now have an exclusive flavour only available at all Inside Scoop outlets from September till October! We named it female Fizz.


Once the hard work was done, we decided to challenge our Editor, Terry Saw, to work in an ice cream shop (a change of pace is good sometimes, no? Hehe!). Inside Scoop’s founder, Shiew Li, was totally in on it too! She gave Terry something more challenging than just scooping ice cream for customers – Terry was to attempt the process of ice cream extraction!


Terry had one thing to say about it:

“I should keep my day job.”

Watch the video below for her full experience! Do YOU think you’ll be able to do it too?

Psst… Turn to page 58 of female‘s September 2014 issue for more details and to redeem a FREE scoop!

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