Blake Lively Gave Birth To This Marvin Gaye Song

We know this (and other hilarious facts) thanks to Blake Lively taking on Michael Kors in the fourth episode of the Glamour Games.

The series pits the self-confessed competitive fashion designer against guest stars in kooky party games. Previous episodes have featured Kate Hudson playing ‘The Fave Game’, Gigi Hadid in a game of Pictionary, and Lily Aldridge playing ‘Guess The Fashion Icon’ .

This time, Michael challenges Blake Lively to a Fact-or-Fiction-style game in which they take turns to correctly identify whether a statement about the other is true or false. Michael and Blake go way back – he guest-starred as himself on Gossip Girl and he’s dressed her for the red carpet countless times – but it seems they don’t know each other quite as well as they thought.

Some of the best things we learnt about Blake Lively from the 3-minute video:

  • Her first crush was late night talk-show host David Letterman. (Amazing. We’re watching her David Letterman appearance in a whole new light now.)
  • She was 16 when she had her first kiss – and it was on-camera for a movie.
  • Her husband Ryan Reynolds played Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On while she was giving birth, which caused the doctor to nearly drop their baby from laughter.

Blake won the game, but we still feel like that Michael deserves a prize simply for how amazingly bizarre his facts turned out to be.

Did you know his mother was the first woman to ever try out for the National Football League? Or that his aunt wore a bikini top to his bar mitzvah? Or that he’s done jello shots with J-Lo, or he picked the name Michael Kors for himself at age 5?

Yeah, neither did we.