Beauty and the Beast Has Been Postponed in Malaysia

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephones, put a brake on all your weekend plans because Beauty and the Beast has been indefinitely postponed.

UPDATE (15 March 2017): Still no release date, but it seems that the Malaysian Censorship Board (LBF) and Walt Disney Malaysia are locked in a stalemate. The LBF claims they will release the film with a few scenes edited out, but Disney does not want the film to be screened that way. 



The highly-anticipated live action Disney film was set to release in cinemas nationwide on March 16, but has since been indefinitely postponed for an ‘internal review’. If you were looking forward to catching it in cinemas this weekend, too bad. The Golden Screen Cinemas website ominously notes that it has been postponed ‘until further notice.’

According to The Star, there’s been no further explanation for the postponement. There’s no new release date either. 

Seeing as the original cartoon faced no such problem when it released in Malaysian cinemas back in 1991, why would it suddenly be subject to a review now, just 4 days before its scheduled release date? What’s changed?

Some speculate that this is all because of the recent announcement of a canonically gay character, Gaston’s bumbling (and now love-stricken) sidekick, LeFou. Cinemas in Russia have imposed adult-only restrictions on the movie for the same reason, while an Alabama cinema has banned it altogether.

It’s 2017, guys. Come on.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but we’ll update this post as soon as we know more. Until then, stay strong: