Battle of the (Fashion) Christmas Adverts 2016

Because nothing makes us feel more warm and fuzzy than when our favourite holiday and fashion collides!

Too often, we would click on the ‘skip’ button when it comes to advertisements – if that option is not present, we would be occupied by another tab or phone screen till the ad ends. But there’s just something about this year’s Christmas ads that just hooks us in, and it’s a mix of humour, history and a little bit of quirkiness.

We love it when the fashion industry joins the festivities; check out some of our favourites so far this year!

  1. H&M

Directed by Wes Anderson, H&M’s ad, Come Together which features Adrien Brody is no doubt one of the most talked about ads this year.

2. Marks & Spencer

Hmm, a sneak peak into Mrs. Claus’s life? Who would’ve known her little secret?

3. Burberry

Check out the whirlwind of adventure and passion of Thomas Burberry’s life.

4. Mulberry

A two-part episode that simply kept us smiling – all too familiar with a family Christmas dinner.

5. Versace

Nothing less than extravagant, we would like one of each to be sent to our doorsteps, pretty please!

6. Debenhams

“She’ll absolutely love me! She’ll absolutely love you!” – Ms. Leopard Leather

7. John Lewis

Don’t forget your pets this Christmas season!

8. Pandora

There is nothing more joyful than seeing your loved ones happy :)

Christmas is officially less than two weeks away! Hope we’ve got you covered with some gift ideas?

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