8 Cute Animals You Need to Follow on Instagram

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We don’t know about you but there’s just something really Zen about scrolling through pictures of animals on Instagram. Hmm… maybe it’s because they always look like they’re having a good time and enjoying their lives… pfft!

Anyway, from cats and dogs to racoons, we’ve finally managed to narrow our favourite accounts down to 8! Phew! Why not show these animal’s a li’l bit of ‘love’ and support by following these accounts and reposting your favourite pictures. Don’t forget to #femalemag to let us know some of your favourite picks too.


1. PitterPatterFurryFeet

The two half sibling Siberian Lynx Points are just so beautiful! Alice (left) and Finnegan (right)  are often seen twinning together for every shot and they’re extra adorable when dressed in festive costumes. Occasionally their BFF, Oliver (a Havanese pup) will  photobomb their pics.


2. Dear Beta 

A photo posted by dearbeta (@dearbeta) on

Even dogs are following the minimalist trend now! Introducing Beta, the French Bulldog, who loves to lie-flat around her house in London.

Extra: We couldn’t leave this one out of the list and you’ll see why…


A photo posted by Dada (@dog_dada) on

A chihuahua isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but we admit this little fellow here, Dada, is extra special. With her black and white long hair and the cutest big round eyes we’ve ever seen (legit!), she’ll make your heart melt like ice cream on a hot day.

3. Jack the Wallaby

Nope! This isn’t a kangaroo, dearie. Jack the wallaby enjoys dressing up. Be it a casual wear or a fun festive outfit (he even dressed as a sheet ghost for Halloween), this three year old full grown marsupial, nails EVERY look he attempts to pull off (to a certain extent, I think he is better than me)! LOL!

4. Amelia Hedgehog

Amelia the hedgehog’s Instagram always looks like she just finished a photoshoot. Her pictures are aesthetically pleasing as the images are filled with pastel backgrounds, miniature objects and of course, the star herself! She even has her own 2017 calendar, which you can purchase from here.

5. Pumpkin the Raccoon

Having a raccoon as a pet isn’t something you see everyday. Say hello to Pumpkin, she’s a Bahamian raccoon rescued by her owner and now lives a happy life with her doggy buddy, Toffee. Pumpkin will make you and her 1 million followers smile whilst she goes about her everyday life having loads of FUN!

6. Juniper the Fox

If you’ve watched Disney’s The Fox and The Hound, you’d probably secretly wanted a pet fox too, right? Red foxes are rare to us here as this breed is mostly found in countries that are located in the Northern Hemisphere. So the best way to get close to one is by stalking Juniper’s Instagram account. She’s a very pretty fox who often looks like she’s smiling, which is why she is labelled as the happy fox.

7. Penguin Bloom

Although she’s called Penguin, she’s actually a magpie. Her silky soft feathers are beautiful to look at in pictures (imagine if you spotted her in real life!). The tamed bird was rescued after she fell from a 20 meter high Norfolk Island pine tree. Follow Penguin for some of her family pictures and to find up what she’s up to on a daily basis.

8. Wally the Bunny

Fluffy rabbits are cute as they remind you of clouds and cotton candies but Wally here is very different from your regular bunnies. Have you scrolled through yet? How can a ridiculous haircut look super adorable? Only you can pull it of Wally. The haircut makes him look like he has two pigtails and his coat looks very fuzzy and soft. He always hangs around with his bunny pal, Suki, and his human friend, Molly.

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