4 New Generation Malaysian Artists You Should Really Get To Know

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1. Skye Lai


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At just 19, Skye Lai is a model, stylist, and fashion photographer with a distinctly edgy, street-influenced style. However, she remains versatile and can switch from street to elegant and feminine with ease. Her fluidity of expression through her unique fashion sense is what makes her art unconventional. Currently residing in London, she recently caught our attention when she was featured in Vogue Italia in April this year.

(Photo: Skye Lai)

“I am still at a stage of developing my style and to be honest, I think that will never stop but I’ve always liked having contrast in my work,” says Skye. “A good combination of different styles. Whether it’s mixing feminine with masculine, or something more put together with something deconstructed. That’s what my eye looks for, for it to feel right. That’s what I think makes everyone and every creator different, their eye. It’s something you can’t teach.”

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