12 Beautiful Cats That are Prettier Than Us

Doing this listicle has made our self-esteem dropped to -0005


Photo: cobythecat/Instagram

Face it. Whether you’re a cat person or no, you can’t resist to admire if you see a beautiful feline passing by. Everyone thinks their cats are the prettiest cats, and everyone is right. So, here we’ve collected 12 most beautiful cats that we’ve ever seen!

Cheese and Olive 

Look out, modelling agencies! These cats really knows what angles works best for them.


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We are so hypnotized with its eyes!


He woke up like this. Flawless!

Izzy & Zoë the Heart Cat

This are some good looking sisters and look! The one has a heart on her chest. Aww.


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Never would’ve we thought that walking in a field of lavender would look so majestic. Unless you’re a bengal cat, then everything would look majestic.


A photo posted by Coby The Cat (@cobythecat) on

Somebody please sign this cat up with a beauty brand! His beauty cannot be put to waste!


She’s wearing a tu-tu, guys. We’re slowly going crazy by this amount of cuteness!


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This is so overwhelming.

Iriss and Abyss

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What are we even, really? We’re trash compared to this beautiful twins. Absolute trash.

Harry and Izzy



Look at this perfect angel.

Lord Reginald

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You guys, its name is Lord Reginald. Lord freakin’ Reginald. If this isn’t what glamour in a form of a cat is, then we don’t know what to say. Does the cat have a posh British accent too?