Why You Should Stop and Listen to Kerry Washington’s Speech…

and other celebrity’s speeches during the Women’s March.

Photography: ABC News

Following Donald Trump’s Inauguration on Friday last week, more than 1 million people, women, and men too, gathered at the huge march in Washington D.C. and across other states in the U.S on Saturday, in support of women’s rights. The Women’s March was a peaceful event which saw leaders, celebrities, activists, and all people from different walks of life come together in response to the country’s presidency result. The sheer number of crowd made history as the largest crowd gathering event in the nation’s capital. Amongst the crowd are our favourite celebrities who came down to support the march and they’ve got a thing or two to say about it.

Kerry Washington

Ashley Judd

Natalie Portman

Rowan Blanchard

Janelle Monae

Scarlett Johansson

America Ferrera



Source: cosmopolitan.com, refinery29.com, papermag.com

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