This Ad Makes Lee Minho Your Virtual Boyfriend

Have you ever daydreamed about dating your favourite K-pop or K-drama star? Dream no more because NOW YOU CAN!

Thanks to this video by Innisfree, we can all live our dreams and experience life as the girlfriend of Lee Minho!!

The innovative video cleverly simulates a phone interface so it feels like everything is really happening as you use your phone. Realism: always a plus when it comes to virtual boyfriends.

Our favourite screenshots, with the full video below.

Look, it's your phone!

The day starts normally enough, just going through Instagram..

..and stalking Minho, as you do.

Wait, what's this? A friend request??

Talking about dogs, smooth. Very Tinderesque.

Awwww, video-chatting with a puppy! COULD THIS BE THE START TO A GREAT ROMANCE??

Clearly so, as your phone fills up with nothing but photos of Minho.

And tooth-achingly sweet videos.

Wow, he calls just as you're watching a video of him!

He even gifts you a little gift. You NEED to see what's inside.


Screenshots don’t do this justice. You have to see for yourself! Turn up the sound and watch this on full-screen for the full boyfriend experience!

The video is actually an ad to promote the NEW Limited Edition cases for their customisable My Cushion BB cushions. The new cases come in every adorable shade of pink! Hurry, you only have until 31 March 2017 to grab one! We imagine the one that Minho gives you will sell out very, very fast.innisfree limited edition pink cases

Well done Innisfree, this is definitely what technology should be used for.  Now excuse us while we go watch that again. And again. And again.