FEMALE Exclusive: Kristen Cavallari On Her New E! Docuseries

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F: Talk about the cast, who are they and are we going to see conflicts we would expect from a reality show right off the bat?

K: My husband Jay is on it and he’s very funny. He brings the comedy to the show and people will be surprised to see that in his personality. My best friend Kelly is on it and that is where I am just myself, goofy, silly and all of those great things that girls are as best friends. And then it’s me as a boss, which fans will be familiar with, it’s like that tough, not afraid to speak my mind, has really benefited me in the boss role. My staff consists of Brittainy, who sort of manages Uncommon James as a whole, she’s incredibly organized and career driven and very put together. Shannon who runs all of Uncommon James social media, she is a millennial and she really doesn’t want to work. She works when she wants to work and she wants to have a little bit more fun, but she is great at her job and I think she is going to be a breakout star, she is very captivating. And then I have Reagan, who I love dearly, she is our overall assistant until we open up our flagship store, and she is a little forgetful at times. Besides them, I have this guy Wirth, who works for me as well, and he’s an eye candy.

F: Does being based out of Nashville alleviate some of the pressures of shooting compared to places like Los Angeles?

K: Yeah I think it does. During The Hills, anytime we would go anywhere, it would turn into a paparazzi frenzy and you could be sitting in a restaurant right next to an US Weekly reporter and you wouldn’t even know it. So I don’t have to worry about that as much in Nashville.

F: What do you think has been the biggest misconception about you?

K: Coming from Laguna Beach and The Hills, people definitely thought I was a bitch. They probably still think I am a bitch and I am excited because Very Cavallari is very true to who I am. Maybe I have been able to channel that bitch into being a boss and being able to run a company, and being able to run it well, I think I do a good job of it. But then you will see my softer sides of my personality with Jay or my best friend Kelly and that is truly who I am.

F: If you could give one piece of advice to the younger you, based on everything that you have lived, what would you warn her about?

K: I wouldn’t warn her, I would just say enjoy every second, because it really goes by so fast. My whole life I wanted to be older and I wanted to be in the next phase of my life and now that I am 31 and have three kids, I want everything to slow down. And I am just trying to be present and enjoy the ride, because that is what life is about. And so just enjoy it and have a slowdown and have fun.

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F: Given what you’ve experienced yourself in your personal life, how careful are you with the image of your husband and the image of your children?

K: Well my kids are not on the show, which was a very important decision for us. It’s one thing when they are old enough to decide if they want a camera in their face, but for now, we want them to just be kids. For Jay though, it’s tough because even though he was in the football world, the media aspect of it wasn’t something that he was ever fond of, and so we have had to have a lot of conversations about it. And we definitely put perimeters on what they could and couldn’t film, and we talked about it as a couple of okay, what are we willing to put out there and what are some things that we won’t? Because at the end of the day, my family is the most important thing to me, and I wanted to make sure that he was very comfortable. But I do think that him being on the show is going to be really good for his image because he has this image of being very tough and very cold and being very stand-offish, because he just would never let people in before. So I think that seeing a different side of his personality is going to be really nice.

F: You seem to have epitomised ‘the woman who has it all’ cliché.
K: I think it’s easy to portray that I have everything together, and I don’t always feel that way. I think, back to social media and Instagram and everything, we only put out what we want people to see and I am not putting out my hard times or when I am having a rough night. So while I have a lot of very exciting and amazing things going on that I am very thankful for, it doesn’t mean that everything is perfect and I am holding everything together.

Very Cavallari premieres 16th July, Monday at 11PM on E! Astro (Channel 712)!
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