7 Greatest Moments from the 2017 Golden Globes

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1. The stars are just like us!

What I saw on my Instagram this morning made me smile. It’s really amazing to see A-list celebs that you look up to do the same things you do. It’s like a wakeup call reminding us that they’re just humans like you and I (but with loads more money and a way cooler job).

Who needs Oj, to get #redcarpetready, I've got the magic in this cup! @dunkindonuts Latte #ad

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Dunkin’ Donuts Latte? Well, we totally have that in Malaysia too, Sarah!


Emma Stone using a TonyMoly lip mask is something most of us can relate to at #teamfemale since we swear by anything that makes our chapped lips soft and kissable.


Oh bless you Felicity Huffman, we too walk around in our towels after a nice long shower. Sometimes, we even choose to stay in it for hours while we sort other things out.


Why do I have to choose? #Globes

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Yes Anna, yes it is.

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