Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

Here’s a mini directory for where you can get drop them off, feel good and even get rewarded for some.

We all know about the three recycling bins for plastic, glass and paper, but there are other unwanted items in our household that we could have been disposing the wrong way – the non-eco friendly way. From used up moisturiser bottles to no-longer-sexy lingerie, these items have a special green place for them.

Cosmetic bottles


Photo: Hollywood Housewife

You’ve used up your bottle of skin serum, but what do you do with the packaging? Send it to Origins! Whether it’scosmetics tubes, bottles or jars, they’ll take it in and send it for recycling – no matter the brand! As a bonus, they’ll even reward you with some Origins samples whenever you recycle with them!

*Applicable at ALL Origins outlets.



Photo: Earth911

Do you have old bras that you no longer use? Well, instead of throwing them into the bin at home, why not direct them to the bins at XIXILI? Bras that are still in good condition will be donated to the less fortunate or disaster relief centers, and the ones that are no longer breast-worthy will be sent for recycling.



Photos: SpecsPost

With each passing year (or more), some of you may see your eyes deteriorating. Well, with no 20/20 vision, you might have to change your glasses often, but what happens to the old pair? Here’s a suggestion: drop it off at the MBPJ HQ where it will be cleaned, repaired and distributed to the under-privileged in poor countries in Africa, Asia and Central America.



Photo: Greenhouse Eco-Cleaning

No matter the brand, state or type of clothes, H&M will take them in and give it the proper recycling treatment! And you’ll even get a voucher in exchange! Alternatively, you also try these OTHER places!

Old phones


Photo: MOffice

With the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and other hi-tech smartphones in the market, your old non-touchscreen phones might not see the light of day from your drawers. So unless you’re planning to collect potential antiques, drop it off withNokia where they can recycle it. They also accept old chargers, accessories and batteries too!