#MYSUPERFEMALE: Valerie Ong – Director of KIP Group of Companies

“I believe by being jovial and positive, I have gained experience in fields I’ve never explored before.” Valerie



When we met Valerie, it was clear that this young, confident lady had a mission. Valerie admitted that from young, she’d always wanted to redefine the real estate, hospitality and F&B industries in Malaysia. That’s exactly what she’s all set to do.

Upon completing a double degree in business and politics at The University of Melbourne, Australia, and a Master’s in Science in marketing and branding from the University of West England, UK, Valerie returned to Malaysia. She did a branding and marketing exercise for Summit Holidays, a full-fledged travel agency.

KIP Group of Companies and Point Restaurant & Bar

“I was there for approximately one and a half years and my main areas of interest were the travel industry and property development. Thankfully, my dad guided my career and that’s how I became a part of the KIP Group of Companies. I oversee projects from the planning, design and marketing aspects. One of our latest projects is the KIP hotel, where we invested a lot of time and effort to make things work,” she explains.

In addition, Valerie who had no knowledge of the F&B line had always wanted to start her own restaurant. “People told me not to take the risk and to just open a franchise business. I wanted to learn and experience from scratch and that’s how the restaurant started to fall into place. I spent a lot of time in making sure every detail at The Point Restaurant & Bar was up to my expectations and that of the customers,” she says.

Valerie believes that by being a jovial and positive person, she has no worries when it comes to dedicating her time to improve her businesses and gain experience in fields she’s never explored before.

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