Day 5 of #WomenOfPower: 10 Malaysian Women Walked Down The Entrepreneurial Lane!

Valerie Ong, 28, Director of KIP Group of Companies and Managing Director of the Point Restaurant & Bar

“I believe by being jovial and positive, I have no problem dedicating my time to improve my business and to gain experience in fields I’ve never explored before.” Valerie


After completing a double degree in Business and Politics at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a Master’s in Science in Marketing and Branding from the University of West England, United Kingdom, Valerie returned to Malaysia and did branding and marketing for Summit Holidays, a full-fledged travel agency.

Her main interest was in travel and property development, and right up to today, Valerie thanks her dad for guiding her through her career as that’s how she became part of the KIP Group of Companies. After working there for one and a half years, Valerie wanted to start up her own restaurant as well. “People told me not to take the risk and just open a franchise business, but I wanted to learn and experience from scratch, and that’s how the restaurant was set up,” says Valerie.

She spent of most of the early days making sure every detail at The Point Restaurant & Bar was up to her expectations and that of customers.

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