Day 4 of #WomenOfPower: 10 Malaysian Women Who Walked Down The Entrepreneurial Lane!

Day 4: Smita Shah, 31, Founder of The Stylitude

“You’re good enough to follow your own dream.” – Smita


Halfway through an accounting course, Smita decided to give it up as discovering she didn’t have the passion for it. Meanwhile, fashion had always been her passion, which is why she decided to start blogging to share her fashion tips and ideas. She then joined her cousins to run a furnishing business but despite not having any passion for it, she took it as a learning curve.

Opportunity came knocking when her sister spotted someone painting clutch bags in a market and decided to share the idea with her. That’s how Smita got the inspiration to start up her own business. Her sister, who lives in Mumbai, India, agreed to help Smita who told her what she wanted in terms of design while she helped source for suitable materials. Smita’s biggest challenge was how to convey the type of designs she had in mind to the artist. She managed to do it by using collages or sticking different fabrics together in the shape of a clutch so they could understand her. In time to come, Smita sees herself having a real boutique with a team of designers and even establishing her own product range.

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