Are You Addicted To Online Shopping?

Online shopping addiction leads its victims down the path of financial and psychological destruction. We’ll take a closer look at this alarming issue.


It starts off seemingly harmless; you browse through the latest fashion and beauty items at your favourite blogshops – keeping an eye out for promos and discounts. Hours have passed, and you’ve filled your online shopping cart with things you don’t need. When it’s time to pay up, you realize that you’ve maxed out your credit card. As much as you don’t want to admit it, you’re trapped in the vicious cycle of online shopping addiction.

What are the signs?
Online shopping addiction is characterized by the excessive nature of this activity; to the extent that it becomes detrimental to other aspects of an individual’s life. Online shopping addicts will:

  • Spend most of their time browsing online stores; sacrificing human contact in the process
  • Make up excuses to purchase an item they just saw
  • Purchase a myriad of things that are irrelevant to their needs
  • Feel undaunted by the risks of sending personal information and credit card details

What causes this addiction?
Plagued by negative emotions, an individual might turn to online shopping to gain some materialistic satisfaction and temporary relief from those crippling sentiments. Here are other forms of psychological distress that could lead to online shopping addiction:

  • Emotional deprivation due to failed relationships or family problems
  • The need to conceal loneliness and depression
  • The desire to be accepted in a social group
  • The need to alleviate feelings of disappointment, anger or fear
  • To feel a sense of control

What are the effects of this addiction?
Online shopping addiction will cause even more psychological issues than the ones that sparked it off in the first place. Although you may experience a sense of euphoria in the beginning, you’ll feel guilty about making all those impulsive purchases and hiding the severity of your situation from family and friends. Figuring out ways to manage your failing finances and battle your online shopping addiction will leave you emotionally-drained.

How do we stop this problem?
The impulsive shopper must admit to herself that she has an actual problem, and proceed to seek professional help. Aside from the adverse effects caused by online shopping addiction, there are more underlying issues that need to be examined by an experienced psychologist or psychiatrist. Having the support of family and friends will help the troubled individual to feel more motivated in overcoming her addiction.