5 Unique Jobs That Spells The Word F-U-N In Bold

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Atypical Roles.

If you ever thought that work was boring, think again. Vasenta Selvanayagam reveals unique careers, some of which you might not have heard of before. PS not all exist in Malaysia but go ahead for an interesting read.

1. Food stylist

Always wondered why the food in ads looks so good but when you see it in real life, it doesn’t have quite the same effect? Well, it’s all thanks to food stylists. It’s a job that exists in Malaysia but very few people know about it. What food stylists do is make food look more ‘alive’ for the cameras. Not all chefs can become food stylists, hence why you’d need knowledge in both fields if you’re doing a shoot. Some of the common tricks include undercooking ingredients to make them look fresh, adding extra oil to make them look moist and throwing ingredients around a dish to make everything look real and attractive!

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