5 Important Car Care Tips Every Woman Should Know

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3. Always be wary of your car’s battery condition

Bosch’s Automotive Aftermarket survey also revealed that battery failure is the main cause of vehicle breakdowns in Malaysia. Which is why we should never take our car’s battery for granted – especially to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and safety risks. So come on ladies, don’t let being a female stop you from the basic knowledge of knowing when your batteries need to be changed.

Besides that, here are four other fun facts about your car’s battery we learnt from Bosch:

  • Heat accelerates the chemical reactions and increases the rate of corrosion within a battery, reducing up to half its potential lifespan. While this is largely unavoidable in our tropical climate, you can slow it down by parking in the shade and indoors whenever possible.
  • Baking soda mixed with a little water can be used to clean corroded battery terminals as the alkaline helps neutralize the sulphuric acid, making it easier to get rid of deposits and corrosion that prevents the battery from working optimally. This helps to keep your battery working in tip-top condition for longer.
  • If you mostly drive short distances within the confines of a small or congested city, your car battery is constantly kept at a low charge. This leads to acid stratification and sulfation, which result in battery failure.
  • Approximately 50% of premature car battery failures are caused by water loss due to the lack of maintenance. Which is why we should invest in Maintenance-Free (MF) car batteries instead of Dry-charged (DC) batteries that have to be topped up with distilled water periodically,

“Take care of your car the way you would your skin. We never forget our facial appointments, so it’s also very important to remember your car service dates and when to change the battery.” – Ellissa

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