5 Important Car Care Tips Every Woman Should Know

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2. In case of an emergency…

Don’t panic and lock the doors.

Contrary to popular belief, getting out of your car to check your bonnet will do you more harm than good. Ellissa believes that if you’re travelling alone and you’ve got no one nearby to call for help, the last thing you should do is get out of the car and play detective. “Chances are, you won’t even know what’s the cause of the problem. Personal safety is crucial especially if your car breaks down during the night and you’re stranded alone.”

Don’t fall for any tow truck scammers who’ll appear out of nowhere and offer to help you. It’s highly likely they’ll charge you a bomb. Instead, call your insurance’s auto assist and wait for them to come. Not sure what the number is? Well, your job after reading this is to find that out and have it saved in your phone.

Nonetheless, even if you don’t have anyone nearby to call for help, Ellissa suggests that you should still text your closest friends or family to inform them of where you are, so at least someone knows your whereabouts – or just do a Facebook Live if that’s how you roll.

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