3 Meaningful Gifts for Mum

Celebrate the most important woman in your life with these symbolic presents that last beyond Mother’s Day.



1. Pearls

A classic piece in every woman’s jewellery box, pearls symbolise purity, generosity and wisdom acquired through experience – three qualities that immediately remind us of Mum’s many nuggets of advice, her sleepless nights and unconditional love throughout the years.


Photo of the red carnations in bouquet

2. Carnations

Just like roses, carnations of different colours hold different meanings. Dark red symbolises affection, light red represents admiration and giving your mum a pastel-pink carnation shows her that you appreciate everything she’s done for you.


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3. Butterflies

Unless you’re an avid biologist, you probably can’t get your mum an actual butterfly. However, you can still celebrate its symbolism of transformation and newfound confidence by getting her the SK-II Spring Butterfly Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence. Delivering the wonders of Pitera™ in an iconic bottle featuring colourful origami butterflies, you’ll be giving Mum the gift of everlasting youth!


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Bonus: Make it a set!

Want to spoil your mum with more Pitera™ goodness? Then surprise her with the SK-II limited-edition Pitera™ Essence set, which contains the Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion and Facial Treatment Mask at just RM199!

Happy gift shopping!