You’ll Want To Share Calvin Klein’s New Fragrance With Your Significant Other

When we discussed the year’s perfume trends, we highlighted the rise of unisex perfumes – fragrances that can be worn freely by anyone regardless of gender.

Riding on that wave is Calvin Klein with their new fragrance, ck all.  Following in the footsteps of ck one and ck be , the new ck all is a sparkling unisex fragrance that’s inclusive, expressive, and free of societal conventions.

The fragrance was created by Alberto Morillas and Henry Fremont, the same perfumers behind the iconic ck one fragrance. Even the packaging is a throwback homage to ck one with its classic flask-shaped bottle! This time however, the bottle is made over in bright matte white to communicate the clean, universal appeal of ck all.

While more complex and sophisticated than ck one, ck all still maintains a similar clean scent that’ll adapt itself to its wearer. It’s a true olfactive blank canvas that celebrates self-expression and encourages your individual characteristics to shine. We recommend purchasing a bottle and sharing it with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) to experience the shapeshifting power of scent.

Here’s the scent breakdown:

Top notes: a bright and stimulating blend of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit flower
Middle notes: taking it in a refreshing and clean direction is paradisone, coronal, lilyflore and rubarb
Bottom notes: amber, musk and vetiver offer an expressive warmth

In a celebration of self-expression, Calvin Klein Malaysia encourages you to personalise your bottle! From today until Sunday (2 April 2017), head to Mid Valley Megamall’s East Entrance Lobby to purchase the new scent and get it designed by the talented @serenefolio. Or grab your own pens and go wild!

ck one retails at RM 239 (100ml) and RM 329 (200ml).

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