You’ll Never Guess This Woman’s Real Age!

How old do you think she is? In her teens or twenties? Guess again.  This beauty is actually 42 years old and we’re just mind blown at how young – and we mean really young –  she looks. She doesn’t even look over 30!

Lure Hsu, a Taiwanese interior designer and now a social media star who was recently ‘discovered’ by the netizens and everyone’s just itching to find out if she has found the fountain of youth?

In an interview with Friday magazine, Lure revealed her secret to that youthful complexion is by drinking loads of water and eating vegetables.

Lure is a huge fan of vegetarian diet and she especially likes pak choi. According to her, she prefers dishes that are light in flavor and avoid strong dipping sauces as they contain ‘high energy level’

Apart from that, she explained that she won’t take beverages with high sugar content like soft drinks and drinks plenty of plain water every day. But she does make an exception when it comes to black coffee, which she takes a cup every morning.

When it comes to moisturising your skin, she believes that when you have a supple and hydrated skin from drinking enough water, aging and wrinkles will be the last thing you’re going to worry about.

Besides that, she also mentioned the importance of putting on sunscreen especially if the weather is scorching hot.

“After your skin is tanned, it will become dry. Freckles and small wrinkles would appear,’ she said adding that she also take daily nutritional supplements that include Vitamin C pills and collagen to achieve and maintain a glowing skin.

Lure was actually discovered through her sister – Sharon Hsu, an actress – after she was invited to attend an entertainment event last two years with Sharon. People took notice of Lure and started to do some digging and followed her on her social media platforms and were later shocked when they found out about her real age.

To date, Lure has over 400,000 followers on Instagram and has more than 300, 000 likes on her Facebook page.

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