What Does Your Hair Parting Say About You?

Hold that strand and see what your crowning glory has been telling people about your personality traits!

A woman’s hair is her ultimate crown and one hair disaster could be the end of her life. Okay, not really, because there’ll always be a way to fix the damage. Drama aside, it turns out where or how you part your hair reveals something about your personality. And you know us, we’re a sucker for these lil personality tests. It’s called The Hair Part Theory developed by siblings and sociologists John and Catherine Walter.

Of course, not everyone is tied down to their hair parting for life since we tend to change our looks once in a while or follow the hottest trends. Fret not, this doesn’t debunk the theory. Changing your parting – be it left to right or vice versa – simply changes the perception of others towards you and thus, changing the way theyinteract with you.

Well, we’ll save the geek speak and let you get on with your hair parting personality test.


Women with a LEFT parting are observed as intelligent, reliable and usually in-charge, which is great for women who are looking to make it in the business and politics field. The downside is, they can sometimes be perceived as too ‘masculine’.


Women with a RIGHT parting are more common and usually seen as very feminine, gentle and caring. Unfortunately, they could sometimes not be taken seriously.


NO parting or a CENTER parting? Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re probably viewed as balanced, trustworthy and wise.


In case you’re interested, men usually have a LEFT parting which says popular, successful, strong and traditional while the uncommon RIGHT parting for men can create an uncomfortable image and cause social shunning. Besides being atypical, open and radical, they might also display an eccentric behavior. However, if he is naturally confident and/or attractive, the negative traits might not apply.


Source: True Mirror, AOL; Photos: TPG News


Know what else can reveal your personality? The way you hold your handbag! Yup, scroll through the gallery below to see if it’s true!



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Limited to clutches, a woman who holds one with both hands in front of her in a protective pose, like how Kate Middleton does, indicates a shy and defensive personality. And if you find yourself doing so during a date, you’re probably feeling a little worried about where it’s going.

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Kate photo credit: E! Online

A common style practised by A-listers, hanging a big shoulder bag on your arm depicts power. “You’re wearing the bag as if it’s a badge of honour or an award. You feel as if you’ve got a sense of superiority,” explained Patti.

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Alessandra photo credit: E!

Do you have not one, but two, three or five bags hanging on you? Congratulations, you’re a multitasker! One who is fatigued, exhausted and always in a rush. In Patti’s elaboration: “The bags suggest you’re a little spaced-out and have a hard time being present.” In our office, you’d probably be a fashion writer.

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Pippa photo credit: E!

Wearing a bag slung across the body is a popular style seen among younger women these days, but this is apparently not a flattering thing. According to Patti, “The girl who wears a hands-free bag willingly covers up her silhouette and outfit. It’s useful but it also shows you’re slightly dorky.” We say, power to the geeks!

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Lea photo credit: E!

With no relevance to the French bread, and regardless of whether the bag has a strap or not, women (usually fashionistas or street style stars) who opt for the scoop-up, under-your-arm, on-the-go style are usually goal-oriented. “It’s a utilitarian look. You don’t really care about the bag but rather about what’s in it,” says Patti.

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Victoria photo credit: MyDaily