Watch 60 Years Of Malaysian Beauty Trends In A Single Video

I’m sure you’ve watched at least one of those amazing videos that trace 100 years of a country’s beauty and style trends decade by decade, all within a minute-long video. It’s a compelling mix of beauty video, history documentary, and deft makeup application all in one.

If, like me, you’ve ever wished there was a Malaysian video, you’re in luck!

Malaysia’s 60-year beauty evolution has now been documented in a video of its own, courtesy of Revlon Malaysia! From the glamorous classic pin-up worthy beauty of the 1950’s to the Instagram-inspired looks today, the video shows what the evolving hair and makeup trends of the time look like on the same girl.

While it may not  be the most comprehensive or inclusive video, it’s still a pretty entertaining watch. Props to Revlon for doing a much-needed local version of the 100 Years of Beauty series! And boy, am I in love with that ’50’s look.