Urban Decay’s Artiste-in-Residence Amanda Rodriguez Shares Her Top Beauty Buys And More

Cool, fun and gorgeous, Urban Decay’s Amanda Rodriguez is the kind of girl you’d want to be #BFF’s with– as we found out when she dropped by for a chat with us! As Urban Decay’s Artiste-in-Residence, Amanda’s your go-to girl for everything and anything you want to know about the wildly beloved cosmetics brand. Get to know her better here!


FEMALE: How did you get your start with Urban Decay?

Amanda: “I started as a makeup artist at Sephora. I was really young and that was my first makeup job. There was an Urban Decay rep that used to come into the store and I remember telling her that I’m going to work for the brand. About six or eight months later, she called and said she wanted to offer me a position. I lost my mind!”

F: When did you realise you had the potential in makeup artistry?

A: “I’ve always been more of the creative type. I used to skip math class and go to the art department to draw and paint. It was between that and loving music. I remember looking at Debbie Harry, Courtney Love or Joan Jett and wanting to emulate their styles. I went to college for a bit and I did great, but I realised that I didn’t want a job that’d make me miserable so I told my parents that I wanted to be an aesthetician. I wanted to get into skincare cos I had cystic acne and I wanted to deal with my skin. When I was in beauty school, my favourite thing to do was to apply lipstick and false lashes to people. And that’s when I realised that this is what I wanted to do.”

F: What does your job as Artist-in-Residence entail?

A: “My job is different every single day. I’m super fortunate that I’m working in the UD HQ – it’s the opposite of a normal office job! There are dogs everywhere and everything’s purple. It’s the only type of office I could ever work in. I’m in product development so I work really closely with our founder Wende Zomnir. Discussing things that are on trend is a small part of my job. It could be a band that I’m currently into or a strong female that’s doing something in the world that I would think maybe embodying what the brand is doing. I also work closely with social media and marketing and have close relationships with other professional makeup artists and influencers. And obviously travelling. It’s really kind of awesome; it doesn’t feel like a job!”

F: What’s a typical day off like for you?

A: “I live in Long Beach, California. It’s a beach town that’s laidback and cool. I have a tiny, two-year-old black pug named Agent Fox Mulder. It’s cos I love the X-Files and he’s like a li’l alien. He’s super personable and fun. I ride my bike and spend time with my friends. I go vintage shopping. I love seeing girl bands. There’s a ton of diversity in Los Angeles, especially when it comes to eating. Most of all, I appreciate the sunny weather so much because I grew up in New York.”

Agent Fox Mulder, reporting for duty!

F: What would be your essential picks from the brand?

A: “The Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It’s one of the first products I ever purchased from Urban Decay. It was super innovative then and still is today! Second is the Razorsharp Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion. I’m a cat-eye girl; I love wearing liner and love how precise its brush is. Next is the Vice Lipstick in shade 714. I really appreciate a matte red lip.  Even though I love glitter and I love blue eyeshadow and covered in tattoos, I’d pick these classics cos I can’t live without ‘em. And not forgetting, the gorgeous Naked Heat palette. It’s dangerous, sultry and unapologetic and trendy; everyone is really going for this warm, burnt-ish type of look and it’s cool to have those shades that in one place.”





From the print edition. Original text by Sarah Hani Jamil.