4 Reasons Why Your Skincare Routine is Not Working

You’ve diligently followed the cleanse-tone-moisturise steps and yet, your skin is acting up! What gives? Before you dismiss the products, consider these four reasons why your skincare routine isn’t working for you:

why your skincare routine is not working

1. You’ve changed

It’s not them but you. Blame it on hormones but as age catches up, your skin is susceptible to a decrease of oil production, less moisture retention, etc. You can’t be using the same cleanser you did as a teen to battle oily skin when your complexion is now drying out. Be aware of the changes and your skincare needs.


2. You’re overreacting…

To the ingredients, that is. You might subscribe to the belief that ‘more is better’ but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. Using several products that have similar chemicals all at once won’t guarantee a better appearance, it may cause a reaction instead. Take note of what’s listed on the labels and know exactly what you need.


3. You can’t take a hit 

The key to how well a product works for you is its penetration level. Over time, skin accumulates dead cells, makeup residue  and other impurities, which can create a barrier that inhibits beneficial  ingredients in your beauty products from doing their work. This is why you’re encouraged to exfoliate regularly to improve skin absorption.


4. You’re not living well 

Let’s be honest, applying the best products in the correct manner won’t amount to much if your lifestyle choices are less than stellar. When you neglect your diet and sleep, you could be hindering your skincare efforts and aggravating your skin conditions in return. Case in point: sugar can accelerate ageing while alcohol can dry out your skin.



The best way to figure out your skin’s true condition is to seek professional help. However, it can be time-consuming and costly. Luckily, there is a doctor who will analyze your skin and give advice – for free!

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