The Ultimate 6-Step Morning Skincare Routine You Need To Follow For Better Skin

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Are you guilty of slacking off when it comes to your morning beauty ritual? Here’s a reminder of why it’s so important.

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Do you feel conscious about your complexion? Does it upset you that your skin isn’t looking its best? Ask yourself: Do you spend time lavishing care on your skin? Well-cared for skin will definitely show it! But remember good skincare habits aren’t reserved only for the night. For example, while it is essential that we remove makeup before bed, it’s equally important to clean your skin in the morning to get rid of dead skin cells, excess oils and bacteria you might pick up from your bedsheets or from sweating during the night.

Make these skincare steps part of your morning routine, and you should see your skin condition improve. To keep yourself motivated, every time you over snooze your alarm and have to rush off for work, put RM10 in a jar if you skipped your skincare routine. The goal will be to ensure you do not miss out on showing your skin some love!. Once you reach the goal of being a pro in your morning skincare routine, the reward will be a lovely, healthy complexion.

Challenge accepted? Here we go:

STEP 1: Always start every morning by drinking a glass of water. Add a squeeze of lemon if you want some extra taste and detoxing properties.

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