Two Ways This Best-Selling Japanese Brand Wants To Change Your Skincare Game

Albion is here to shake up your skincare routine.

Despite being a fan of Japanese beauty, I stumbled upon Albion completely on accident. Imagine my surprise when I learned that this is one of the grand stalwarts of Japanese beauty! Albion has been around for over half a century– from its inception in 1956, the brand has grown to become one of Japan’s most beloved and trusted,  with a range of coveted cosmetics awards under its belt.

Albion’s approach to skincare is a little different, as you’ll see. Here are two things that define the Albion experience.

1. Skin Conditioner

For many people, this simple bottle is what comes to mind when they think of Japanese beauty icons. Albion’s Skin Conditioner Essential is a nourishing hydrating lotion made of organic Job’s Tears (a barley-like grain) from Hokkaido. While we’re used to the concept of hydrating toners and essences now, this product has been a staple in Japan since 1974!

The affectionately-named ‘SkiCon’ is said to help regulate the cell turnover of your skin while calming it for a healthier, more supple appearance.

2. Milk Lotion

A Japanese skincare routine is known for being minimal yet effective– think a simple 3 steps rather than 10. Usually, routines include a wash, a lotion (a watery hydrating toner), and a moisturiser. Albion shakes things up with an extra step: the milk lotion. In all my years in beauty, I had never encountered anything like this! As its name suggests, the milk lotion is a creamy emulsion with the consistency of a very light face cream, but it’s meant to go on your face immediately after the cleansing step and before your lotion or toner.

I know what you’re thinking: this is the complete opposite of the Western approach to skincare, which generally advocates the use of an astringent toner to further cleanse skin after a wash. In contrast, Albion’s reasoning for this step is that cleansers cleanse too well and often dry out your skin, so replenishing moisture immediately after with a milk lotion is crucial. Albion offers the milk lotion in 3 different variations to cater for different skin types: I for oily skin; II for normal skin, and III for combination skin.

After trying a combination of both the milk lotion and skin conditioner on the back of my hand at a recent event, my skin stayed soft right up until the next day, despite multiple hand washings and showers. So I immediately began to dream of what this new regime would do to my face!

Check out Albion in Malaysia online or at Isetan KLCC and Isetan Lot 10.