Try These Brilliant Tips To Perfect Your “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

Our love for no-makeup makeup knows no bounds. It’s easy to pull off, brings out the best of every face, and just looks so good for almost all occasions. Of course, quite a lot of effort often goes into crafting the perfectly undone no-makeup look but it doesn’t have to be that way! We love ease and convenience as much as we love on-point makeup, after all.

So imagine our joy when we found out that Dior Creative & Image Director, Peter Philips, shared some brilliant “no-makeup” makeup tips with Into The Gloss. You can bet we’re gonna be trying these out over the weekend!

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1. Bring warmth and life to your face in a single step

The secret? Lipstick. Peter used Dior Rouge in Ready, a warm rosy pink, but any creamy, sheen-y lipstick will do the trick.

“It’s like a cream blush almost, but it has some pearlescence in it, so it blends in nicely with the foundation and you get this glow,” says Peter. Instead of placing it where you would usually put your contour or blush, go lower so it  looks like a true flush. Take a swipe of lipstick with your thumb, start right under your cheekbone and draw it down diagonally toward the back of the jawbone.

“It looks almost masculine—excited without being seductive. More athletic. Then you take the leftover on the bridge of the nose and on the eyelids and on the bottom of the chin. That’s what brings the warmth into the skin—and the fact that it’s lipstick keeps it shiny.”


2. Define your lashes naturally

Without looking like you’re wearing mascara at all! …Even though you are, because Peter recommends using a brown mascara, zig-zagged just into the roots. Alternatively, pat a matte brown shadow to tightline your upper lash line. This trick makes lashes look fuller in an instant.

But if you can’t be bothered with mascara or shadow, that’s fine too. Just curl your lashes, even if you aren’t wearing mascara. According to Peter, “it’ll open up your eye. That always helps.”


3, The easiest and most natural way to conceal

In a rush? Swap your colour corrector and concealer for… highlighter. To make models look bright and awake, Peter applies highlighter in the inverted triangle of skin under their eyes. ” It reflects the light instead of covering up anything,” he explains.

So put aside your heavy-duty concealers and loose powders, and reach for a cream highlighter instead!


4. Now make it last all day

Now to seamlessly lock in your look all day, press your finishing powder in with a puff, instead of a brush. “Brushing it onto skin that doesn’t already have that much powder on it doesn’t tend to stay very well,” explains Philip. “It’ll stay better and look less obvious when it’s gently patted on.”