This 100% Natural French Fragrance Label Sells Perfumes That Are Totally Affordable!


If you’re someone who believes in going the natural route when it comes to beauty products, this new fragrance brand in town might just be the one you’re looking to try.

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100BON (pronounced ‘scent-bon’) is the first French fragrance house to produce 100% natural perfumes made from sustainable agriculture and are reasonably priced! The name comes from a play of the French expression ‘sent-bon’ which means ‘a nice scent’. The organic Eau de parfums fragrances are produced using organic wheat alcohol and are free of petrochemicals, artificial colours, and any synthetic ingredients. They are also easy on the wallet ranging from RM69 (10ml pen spray), RM169 (50ml bottle) and RM259 (200ml bottle).

Following their core value in taking a greener path, you can get their 10ml and 50ml perfumes refilled, so you can keep using the same bottle. This is to help in the reduction of the wastage of perfume bottles produced. Apart from that, the bottles, caps and the packaging boxes are also recyclable. Just think about it, you’ll get great scents and also helping Mother Nature with this earth friendly brand.

The French label is releasing 10 fragrances for its debut here, see below:

Nagaranga & Santal Citronné

Carvi & Jardin de Figuier

Labdanum & Pur Patchouli

Myrrhe & Encens Mystérieux

Bergamote & Rose Sauvage

Oud Wood & Amyris

Davana & Vanille Bourbon

Eau de Thé & Gingembre

Cèdre & Iris Soyeux

Néroli & Petit Grain Printanier


Get a whiff of the 100BON scents available now in SOGO, KL.


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