These Limited Edition Therapy Boosters By THE FACE SHOP Are The Ultimate Remedies For Our Skin Dilemmas!

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Concoctions made specially for your skin needs!

Even though a lot of us share the same skin type, our issues and needs differ from one another. And whether it’s aging skin, pigmentation or dry skin, we all have our own range of skincare that works best for us. However, it does get a little crowded sometimes as we keep adding or changing products to fix our skin dilemmas.

Thankfully, THE FACE SHOP has developed two great solutions (pun intended!) that only require a few drops mixed into our existing products. They’re called The Therapy Boosters and are specially-formulated, limited edition elixirs inspired by the European Blending technique of mixing together essential oils to battle several skin problems at one go.

The boosters help with firming and rejuvenating, are extremely easy to use and highly customisable to create your perfect blend! Simply add one to three drops of The Therapy Booster into your favourite lotion or cream and apply gently and evenly onto skin. Finish off by pressing your palms against your face to enhance its absorption. But be quick to get your hands on them as the boosters are only available for a limited time only!

Read on to see how you can incorporate these modern concoctions into your favourite products.

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