The Easiest Hack To Get Rid Of Stray Hairs | #FemaleExpressBeauty

Inevitable and annoying. Flyaway hairs (or baby hair, as it’s also known) are a huge pet peeve of mine.

I used to think that they’d eventually grow out and I’d soon live a sleek, stray hair-free life but sadly, not only does my age increase each year, so does the amount of stray flyaway hairs on my head.

I would dread tying my hair into a ponytail every time I go out cos the tiny hairs along my hairline just never seem to lie flat, making me look like I just woke up. To be honest, until I was told to do a video for our FEMALE Express Beauty section, I didn’t even know that there was a solution to tame those stubborn fuzzies! So if you’ve been in the dark like me, then consider today your lucky day.

Step 1: Pull your hair up into a ponytail

Step 2: Spray a good amount of hairspray on an unused toothbrush or a clean mascara brush.

Step 3: Run it lightly over the parts of your hair you want tamed down.

Ta-daaa! Easy peasy! Now let your hairspray work its magic and go enjoy your day!

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