The Best Way to Start Your Skincare

This new skincare essential will change the way your skin operates.



By now, a smart and savvy FEMALE reader like you would’ve already known that the most-important skincare step is the cleansing. Although it sounds very simple, this ensures that you eliminate excess oil and external factors that accelerate ageing, which accumulates on your skin during the day. However, with that comes another essential step (that goes right after cleansing) that’ll help boost and restore the health of your skin, and here’s the kick: it’s not toning.

What is it?

Introducing THE FACE SHOP’s The Therapy First Serum. What’s so different, you ask? Imagine your skin as a brand new hand phone. Before you use it, you would need to charge and enter your preferred settings, right? Well, this pre-serum sorta does just that (but for your skin) by resetting it the way you want it to be and restoring balance while recharging your complexion. And once your skin is reset, the effectiveness of your following skincare products will be optimised!

With micro-crystal particles, it’s easily absorbed into your skin sans irritation or residue. It enhances hydration and even gives a gentle exfoliating effect if you use it with The Therapy green tea cotton pad.



What’s in it?

Formulated with 200 year-old natural blending therapy water from the Mediterranean coasts of France, it contains 100 times more minerals than natural spring water. It delivers the beneficial healing properties of the deep blue sea and has nothing but the most positive effects on the skin.

How to use it

Within seconds of cleansing and before applying toner, pump two to three drops into your palms, inhale the scent to perk up your senses and then gently massage it all over the face. This will help boost the absorption and effectiveness of any treatments used afterwards.

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