So That’s The Incredibly Waterproof Makeup Brand Our Synchronised Swimmers Use

Have you ever watched synchronised swimming? It’s kind of like gymnastics, with magnificent flourishes and displays of athleticism– but done in perfect timing with a partner or group, and in a pool of water. It’s enchantingly hypnotic to see humans moving in such perfect harmony.

But us beauty writers also have another question on our minds: how on earth is their makeup staying so perfect in the water?

Just look at our very own Malaysian aquatics team, who dazzled at the recent SEA Games, claiming 2 gold medals and 1 silver.

malaysia synchronised swimming 2017

Here they are at the medal ceremony after their routine, with their makeup still looking very much on point! You couldn’t even tell they’d been in the pool. Just what do synchronised swimmers use on their face that they can come out of a pool looking better than we do after a day at the office?

Turns out it’s Make Up For Ever, as the brand reveals in an Instagram post! Their AquaXL collection and Waterblend Foundation, to be exact. Well, now we know! Off to do a bit of shopping then.

If you ever needed evidence that Make Up For Ever’s waterproof AquaXL makeup really is waterproof, here’s the… well, proof!

Like seriously waterproof. Look at the detail on those wings!