5 More Taiwanese Beauty Brands You’re Going To Want To Get To Know

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While the rest of the world is starting to catch on, we Malaysians have always been tuned in to the winning qualities of Asian beauty products. I mean, what can we say that we haven’t said before? Asian beauty – whether it’s from Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Taiwan, and more – is amazing for being tailored to Asian skin, easily available in our country, and often priced a lot more affordably than their European or American counterparts.

And while it may seem that Korean beauty brands are all the rage right now, we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t neglect the rest of the continent either. Taiwan in particular has a whole lot to offer! From making some of the best sheet masks to innovative science-infused beauty solutions, here are some Taiwanese beauty brands – some available in Malaysia, others not yet –  we think everyone should keep an eye out for.

1. My Beauty Diary

One of Taiwan’s most beloved sheet mask brands, for good reason! My Beauty Diary makes incredibly well-formulated, value-for-money and effective sheet masks for all your at-home pampering needs. Our favourite variants are the Black Pearl for brightening, Hyaluronic Acid for deep moisturising, and Aloe Vera for soothing. These masks can work in just 5 minutes if you’re in a rush, but stay comfortably saturated and wet for up to 40 minutes.

*My Beauty Diary is available in Guardian Malaysia, Hermo.my, and Sasa outlets.

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