6 Surgery-Free Ways To Look Younger

Who needs a needle when you have these?

Photography: tumblr.com

There are just a few key features people look for when trying to determine how youthful someone looks. Bright eyes, healthy smooth skin, and plump lips are all what science calls neotenous features, which is a fancy word for retaining baby-ish, young-looking features. Thankfully, with the right skincare and makeup, it’s easy to achieve!

1. Smooth Skin

Use a cleanser that has a soft built-in exfoliator. Dead skin dulls the skin, making you look tired and less radiant. Gently work in the scrub twice a week to maintain smooth, clear and brighter skin. Follow with the post-cleansing rituals of toner and moisturizer and other steps in between to complete the regime.

2. Va Va Voom Lashes

Mascara helps to further open up the eyes. Look for one that gives you maximum benefits of creating fuller, longer lashes. If it has a curling enhancer that would help as well. To not look too overdone for everyday wear, dab excess product on the wand with a tissue to avoid clumpiness and for that natural looking lashes.

3. Bigger Eyes

Line your eyes. Bigger and more alert eyes somehow have the tendency to make a person look younger and more youthful. Skip going under the knife and fake it by lightly drawing out a line on your upper lash lines, getting as close as you can to the lashes. This will give the illusion of bigger eyes.

4. Plumper Lips

Keep lips plump and glossy. Lips become thinner as you age but it’s nothing a little bit of shine won’t fix. Just pick your favourite

5. Healthy Complexion

Use a face cream that contains sea kelp. This generates itself and nourishes repairs and moisturizers the skin for a healthy glow.

6. Lit-from-within glow

Create instant glow by applying some skin radiating mousse. Beauty begins with healthy skin, so get the glow with products that help to infuse the skin with radiance and vibrancy.

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