Stop, You’re Making This One Mistake When Straightening Your Hair!

Photography: Shutterstock

The question at hand is how does one achieve sleek straight hair without sacrificing volume? We often make the mistake of clamping the flat iron too hard like it’s a panini press in hopes that it stays super straight. The result? A very flat sticks-to-your-head kind of do (unless that’s the look you’re going for). To get that in between look of a blowout and straight hair like [insert celeb name] here is a super easy trick to keep in mind when straightening your hair.




You will need: Hair clips, a flat iron, heat protecting spray and hair spray

Step 1: Start with a clean washed hair. With towel dried hair apply some heat protecting product to keep your locks from further damage. Let air dry completely.

Step 2: Using the clips section your hair into small sections. This is to ensure that the heat from the flat iron will straighten out those locks in one swipe.

Step 3: Okay, now here’s the trick, don’t clamp the flat iron completely down the length of your hair. Leave a slight gap in between to get that volume in the hair whilst straightening it out.

Step 4: Keep your hair frizz-free by spraying some hair spray on the palm of your hand and run it through your tresses. Leave it as it is or tuck your hair behind the ears à la Felicity Jones.



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