Sothys’ Ampoules On-The-Go Gives You Skincare In A Collectible Clutch

The all-time favorite SOTHYS Essential Ampoules On-The-Go campaign is back in style!

Who said skincare can’t be stylish? The Sothys Ampoules On-The-Go clutch series is a playful take on the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) skincare concept with four variants of essential ampoules of concentrated active ingredients that cater to different skin types and concerns: Oxygenating, Brightening, Anti-Aging, and Hydrating.

Contained in a customisable clutch, the resealable ampoules are meant to compliment your existing skincare regime for an extra shot of skin goodness!

According to Sothys, the ampoules work best when used regularly and consistently– just like a facial in a bottle! You don’t have to use them daily unless you’re in the mood for some intense pampering.

How to use: After cleansing the skin, apply half of the ampoule to the face and neck in the morning, saving the other half  for your evening routine. Lightly drum the skin to ensure it is fully absorbed, then continue with serums and moisturiser.

Sothys’ special edition Essential Ampoules On-The-Go clutch (RM 247 per clutch of 1.5ml x 14 ampoules) is available at all Sothys Malaysia Corporate and Sothys Licensed Premium Salons and kiosks nationwide.