Have You Been Using Sheet Masks Correctly All These While?

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Dr. Jou Jun Xu has created many incredible facial masks – and it shows, too. We recently had an opportunity to see him eye to eye, and his skin is gorgeous!

Dr. Jou with his new Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Masks

ICYMI, Dr. Jou is the face behind the creation of Dr. Morita sheet masks (and other amazing products under the brand, of course) – and now he has new facial masks for us to love! He believes in going through extensive research to collect effective, high quality ingredients for his products. “Your skin deserves the best,” as his brand’s tagline goes. All six of his new masks use Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to beautify different skin types; and upon the reveal, Dr. Jou also reminded us of the simple sheet mask tips to use!

When using sheet masks:

1. Put them on correctly: After peeling one off its packet, first it on your under eyes and firm the mask to the sides, then onto the nose bridge. This is followed by the forehead, then other parts of the face. Massage your face gently as you put the mask to fit. P/s: with an effective sheet mask, you won’t even need to splurge on under eye products!

2. You need not leave it overnight: Follow the duration stated on the packet, leave it on for about 15-20 minutes each time (don’t wait until the sheet dries out of essence)!

3. Don’t waste: The residual essence is great to moisturise different parts of the body too. Squeeze out the remaining ‘juice’ and use it on your neck, back of the hand, toes, knees – and even your breasts! HA will give you the hydration your skin needs.

Now with the tips on hand, it’s time to pick out your sheet mask! There are six to choose from:

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