Joanna Soh On Fighting The Good Fight

The #FightForHealthySkin campaign celebrates positive fighters like Joanna Soh who are on a constant journey in health and fitness, hoping to inspire people everywhere to fight not only for your body, but for your skin too!

Being healthy inside and out is a priority for Asia’s #1 Fitness YouTuber and certified personal trainer, Joanna Soh. Also a Nutrition Coach and Women’s Fitness Specialist, this strong fighter has come a long way from starting her YouTube channel on her own four and a half years ago. With lots of willpower and determination being both boss and employee, she grew her audience from 50 to a million subscribers today inspiring countless of viewers and fans with healthy living, a healthy diet, and now, healthy skin!

FEMALE: How and when did you get into the fitness scene?
Joanna: I got into fitness and became a certified personal trainer eight years ago but only started my YouTube channel four and a half years ago. In my teen years, fitness wasn’t much of an interest but being a student, sleeping late and eating unhealthy food, I started putting on weight. That’s when I started going to the gym and consulted a personal trainer. I wanted to know everything he knew, so I looked at it as an investment since it was quite pricey for me at the time. He then showed me the ropes and encouraged me to become a certified personal trainer myself.

F: The idea of fitness has got everyone focusing on their wellness yet there’s not much focus put into skin health resulting to breakouts and unclean skin. Being someone who’s always active in fitness, how do you try to keep your skin healthy or avoid these issues?
J: “First off, I don’t have perfect skin. Just like most people, I do get breakouts every now and then, especially from outdoor activities. However, I always make it a point to shower and cleanse immediately after a workout as I’ve learnt from experience that cleansing one to two hours later only makes it worse. So after you’ve cooled down for about 10 to 15 minutes, hit the showers immediately to avoid new or worsening breakouts.”

“At the end of the day I think health is both, inside and outside. Look after your body and your skin, and you’ll definitely live a better, healthier life.”

F: Why did you decide to collaborate with Dermalogica in their #FightForHealthySkin campaign?
J: When Dermalogica first approached me with the #FightForHealthySkin campaign, I didn’t look at it as just another cool project. It relates to me on a personal level because I’ve been struggling and fighting for healthy skin for a few years now. I know the feeling of seeing your acne in the mirror before your face. So this campaign is something I wholeheartedly fight for. It motivates me at the same time to improve and pay close attention to the little things that affect my skin. I understand it better now and realise that just like weight-loss, clear skin takes time with discipline and consistent care.

F: In collaboration with Dermalogica, how are you fighting for healthy skin?
J: Being a trainer, I’ve got my own fitness routine and I urge my audience to follow through consistently with their own. However, I hadn’t given much thought about skin routines. And through working with Dermalogica and trying to get healthy skin back, I now have one which I follow religiously even when I’ve got sluggish days.

F: What are your three favourite Dermalogica products?
J: I have really dry skin so Dermalogica’s hydration products are what I’ve been using most. I really love the Skin Hydrating Booster because it increases the moisture level in my skin as well as restore the hydration balance it lacks. And I love how refreshing the non-greasy formula feels on my skin! I also find the Multi-Active Toner very useful as I can spritz it on before and after my workout, after cleansing my face of course. My third favourite would be the Pure Light SPF50 as it’s got high moisturising features, which is a big plus for me, and blends invisibly into my skin not leaving white patches whenever I sweat.


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