SKII: Don’t Be Concerned With The “Expiry Date” People Put On You!

Following the success of their first campaign film ‘Marriage Market Takeover‘, today SKII released a new campaign, aim to spark discussion amongst Pan-Asian women regarding age concerns, called ‘The Expiry Date’.

The film follows the journey of three women from Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul as they go through life’s stages, day by day growing ever more concern and pressured by their timeline placed on them by the society they’re living in. The timeline is projected as a visible marking on their forearm with the expiry date tattooed on it. It’s not when they’ve accepted the fact that ageing is natural and you can either choose to let it eat you up and be stuck with society’s detrimental labelling or release yourself from the idea knowing that it doesn’t defy who you are and what you can be. Only then you can truly be free!

The campaign aims to show how there is an unspoken timeline for many women all over Asia (and the world) labelled on them by society. They brand also wants to ignite a conversation regarding age-related pressure that many women are experiencing.

As part of their #ChangeDestiny movement, SKII stands to break this stigma and encourage a regional social movement with the hashtag ‘#INeverExpire’.

Following the huge interest and response from of their The Marriage Market Takeover” campaign focusing on the pressure to get married before 25 by women in China, the brand found that age-related pressures are experienced by other a larger group of women all over the world, says Sandeep Seth, Brand Director, Global SK-II

“With “The Expiry Date” film, we made the proverbial expiry date many women feel into a real one to illustrate the growing internal and external age-related pressure women face.

“SK-II hopes to encourage a global and Pan-Asian discussion to promote the message that everyone should be able to feel proud of what they’ve achieved and who they are, regardless of age and gender and should not be constrained by artificial timelines and expiry date labels placed on them by society.” he said.

According to a study done by SKII in May 2017, only 2 out 10 women in Asia are comfortable with the idea of getting older. That’s a really big gap!

The study was conducted amongst 4280 women and 3261 men ages 18 and above across these countries Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, United States, United Kingdom and Australia

The survey revealed that more than half of Asian women feel uncomfortable and offended by other people’s outlook on their status, especially when it comes to age or marital status. The survey also showed that 72 percent and 62 percent of women in Korea and China respectively have had first hand experience of discomfort and scrutiny because of their status.

The overall result showed that Japan and Korea are the two countries with the extremely high numbers of unhappy women due to age concern with 6 out 10 women in Japan and half of the South Korean women are affected from this. On the other hand, women in China age 30 and above are more concern about finding a suitable partner for marriage.

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